Play Ball with Cambridge Isanti Area Softball Association
2018 Season
Select League Game Date
May 03696:00 PMCompetition Sports Equip Sidelines Studweisers One
176:00 PMKF Construction Swing Kings Two
1226:00 PMScared Hitless Ideal Landsharks Three
1446:00 PMECL/LPS/Captain Dan’s P&M Truss Four
1067:00 PMGP and Bean Competition Sports Equip One
517:00 PMPine Brook KF Construction Two
437:00 PMP&M Truss The Mystery Gang Three
9137:00 PMSidelines Studweisers Pa Apparel Four
278:05 PMIdeal Landsharks Swing Kings Two
8128:05 PMFinish Line Express Scared Hitless Three
11148:05 PMLost Mule ECL/LPS/Captain Dan’s Four
359:05 PMThe Mystery Gang Pine Brook Two
1389:05 PMPa Apparel Finish Line Express Three
10119:05 PMGP and Bean Lost Mule Four

*Mens League home and visitor will be decided by a coin toss

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