Softball Field
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Sandquist Family Park
34264 Naples
Cambridge, Mn 55008.

Select League Game Date

April 221386:00 PMBrew Crew Young Bucks One
1166:00 PMTeam Drywall Northland Crane Services Two
1156:00 PMGP & Bean Leftovers Three
426:00 PMS & I Drywall Lost Mule Four
347:00 PMThe Sandlot S & I Drywall One
8147:00 PMYoung Bucks Scared Hitless Two
12137:00 PMCBD Joint Brew Crew Three
967:00 PMSkid Marks Northland Crane Services Four
15108:05 PMLeftovers Studweisers Two
158:05 PMGP & Bean Grim Reapers Three
2118:05 PMLost Mule Team Drywall Four
5129:05 PMGrim Reapers CBD Joint Two
1499:05 PMScared Hitless Skid Marks Three
1039:05 PMStudweisers The Sandlot Four

*Mens League home and visitor will be decided by a coin toss